Gaudeamus Competition

International Gaudeamus Composers Competition 2011
Gaudeamus Music Week 2011
Entries for the Gaudeamus Music Week 2011 must be received by January 31, 2011.
Composers of any nationality who are born after September 6, 1980 may enter works which may already have been performed, but they must have been composed not more than three (3) years ago.
An international selection committee will select the works that will compete for the Gaudeamus Prize. After the performance of the selected compositions during the International Gaudeamus Music Week 2011, from 5 to 12 September, the selection committee will award this prize. This Gaudeamus Prize consists of € 4.550 as a commission for a new composition that will be premiered during the Week the following year, 2012.

Works can be entered into the following categories with a maximum of 2 works per category and 4 works in total.
In theory, everything is possible in this category, within the limits of solo instruments to ensembles consisting of maximally 16 instruments; with or without electronics, video, etc.; written for specific performers or for any musician /ensemble such as Ensemble KLANG: 1 Saxophone (or Bb Clarinet), 1 Saxophone, 1 Trombone (alto or tenor), 1 Piano, 1 Percussion, 1 Guitar (electric or bass) and electronics or at least 4 of the above instruments.
Also choir compositions with a maximum of voices: 2 sopr., 2 mezzo., 2 alt., 2 ten., 2 bas.
Works for gamelan ensemble are also possible:
Electronic music meaning tape compositions, music for instruments and electronics, music for live controlled electronic music, or sound installations. For this category add an audio or video file and no computer programs.
The composer’s name may not appear in the materials so that the selection committee can judge the score anonymously.
The entry fee is € 25 for each work and should be paid before January 31, 2011 using the online payment system PayPal on the
Composers can enter their work(s)
• by providing the link to download the files on the online entry form.
• by sending to our email address in one mail (for each work): your score (PDF) and audio or video file (mp3/wav/avi/mp4) named after the title of the work or over 10 MB via as one zip file.
The composer’s name may not appear in the materials
• by sending the material together with a print of your entry form to our postal address: International Gaudeamus Music Week 2011, c/o Music Center the Netherlands, Rokin 111, 1012 KN Amsterdam, the Netherlands
The composer must provide the performance material if the work has been selected by the selection committee. The performance may not result in charges, such as rental fees, for teh Gaudeamus Music Week, the performers, the radio, or cd-producer.
During the International Gaudeamus Music Week composers, whose work have been selected will be invited and accommodation will be provided.

By entering his/her work(s), the participant indicates his/her acceptance of these conditions and the decisions of the selection committee. Works by composers who do not comply with the requirements above will be disqualified.