Blackboard Theatre Collective – The Isolation Mixtape Vol. 2

Blackboard Theatre Collective is proud to announce The Isolation Mixtape Vol. 2, a project in partnership with the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra.
We are currently seeking New Zealand-based composers and songwriters to take part in a 72-hour Musical Theatre Songwriting Challenge.

Call for Online Recordings—ISCM Virtual Collaborative Series

Dear CANZ Members

Last spring, ISCM called for links to music that would be included in their social media project ISCM Virtual Collaborative Series.

They are asking members to submit links to recorded performances – both audio and video – legally public and accessible on the Internet.

The goal of the project is to foster presence and coverage of contemporary music online via social media, to tease and entertain an audience looking for a new musical experience into getting acquainted with the best contemporary music available.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made online activity more crucial than ever before by hindering numerous live events, many concerts included. Now is the right time to strengthen the online presence of contemporary music!

ISCM are planning to showcase individual composers and works on the ISCM Facebook page. For this promotional purpose, they are mainly interested in recordings that are already publicly available on YouTube or SoundCloud. These could be easily added to playlists on the ISCM YouTube Channel and the ISCM SoundCloud page. However, they are open to suggestions of recordings on other online platforms, too, as long as the linked material may be made accessible legally.

There has been a long-term concern among ISCM delegates about a lack of interaction among membership in between ISCM festivals. ISCM hopes that their social media project will, in its small way, help to motivate accessible discussions online, keeping the community more engaged. They also hope that these Facebook Showcases will build bridges between different types of contemporary music, composed and performed in various regions of the World.

ISCM look forward to making available internet wide all this exciting music and to nurturing a new audience for it.

CANZ is allowed to submit 3-6 works to ISCM, so we’ll create a panel to assess and select if more are submitted. This is a fantastic opportunity to have your work viewed by an audience beyond Aotearoa. We look forward to receiving your entries!

Call for Online Recordings (Audio or Video)

Submit links and necessary information to by midday on Tuesday 20 April.

Conditions of eligibility:

– Links to professional quality audio or video recordings, legally cleared for streaming on an online platform

– Works must be composed by a member of CANZ

– All rights must be cleared at the time of submission

– Composers, performers and other possible owners of rights must be properly credited

Necessary information:

– Name of the work, year of composition, ensemble/line-up

– Name and contact information of the composer

– Names of other possible owners of rights of the work and of the performance/recording

– Place and date of performance/recording

– Declaration of what rights have been cleared, how, and by whom

– Name and contact information of the owner of the account, page, or other online platform in which the linked material is situated, if other than the composer

Photographs in big format , CVs, biographies, commentaries, media quotes and any other texts facilitating the showcasing of the composer or the work are welcome.