Call for Works

Structure of Choir

One section of the October 18 call for works (posting immediately below) is still in German.

I’ve taken the liberty of translating the paragraph concerned:

The Vienna Jeunesse Chamber Choir features the following voices: SSSS-AAAA-TTTT-BBBB.
• As a general rule all the voices used must act as soloists (choral scoring must strictly be used as a special timbral technique.)
• Electronics are generally an option, via playback (2 channels). The following rules apply to the use of live electronics:
the patch and the operation instructions must be sent with the score; the individual voices cannot be mic’ed directly.
In all cases the cues for the electronic part must be notated in the score.
• In the ‘Vocal Theatre’ category additional props are permitted provided the performers are able to use/work them (see above).

Best regards from Linz, Austria
Samuel Gray (CANZ member)