Screen Composers Guild Inaugural Workshops

from Marshall Smith, Chairperson of the Screen Composers Guild of NZ:

Dear composers & supporters
A very happy new to you all.

Our inaugural workshops are coming up during February in Auckland & Wellington – so far the RSVP’s have been disappointingly low in number. We had strong interest from all concerned to have such workshops but if we do not get sufficient numbers we will be forced to postpone or cancel them.

If you have not already registered your interest please so before Friday 17 January where we will make a call whether we will proceed.

This is your opportunity to learn, share and network with some of the leading lights in the screen composing world in NZ so don’t miss out!

Both workshops are open to all APRA members and are free to Guild members so spread the word… Click here for full information:

If anyone has any news for upcoming newsletters or the website do let us know.

Wishing everyone a prosperous and happy year ahead.