Welcome to the website of the Composers Association of New Zealand. We are a group of composers and supportive organisations, whose aim is to represent New Zealand’s composition community on matters of national and international importance.

If you consider yourself a New Zealand composer, then we urge you to join CANZ.

What is CANZ? What will CANZ do for me?

The Composers Association of New Zealand is the association for all amateur and professional composers in New Zealand. CANZ provides opportunities to composers through the Nelson Composers Workshop, the Asian Composers League and the International Society for Contemporary Music. CANZ also lobbies on behalf of its members to improve the situation for composers in New Zealand. CANZ contributes financially towards special projects, and awards two prizes annually. CANZ also produces two publications: Canzonetta, a bi-monthly newsletter, and Canzona, a retrospective yearbook.

CANZ is a non-profit organisation, registered with Charities Services, and welcomes donations from anyone who supports our aims and objectives.

For more information, including how to make a donation, see the page About CANZ.

Why should I join CANZ, and how much does it cost?

To help CANZ achieve its aims of supporting the professional development and opportunities of New Zealand composers, but also to create a sense of collegiality and community amongst the composers in New Zealand.

For information about membership rates and types can see the Join CANZ page.

What is the difference between CANZ and SOUNZ?

While both organisations maintain close relationships and have an advocacy role to government, funders and the general public, here are the main differences:

SOUNZ (The Centre for New Zealand Music) is a music information centre that provides, fosters and promotes the music of New Zealand composers through a range of service and projects. The Centre aims to maximise access to, and increase the knowledge of and about, the music of New Zealand composers. Services include a database of composers and their works, a collection of 5,000 scores and recordings, and a website. Targeted projects such as readings of NZ music, awards, promotional CDs and publications are undertaken regularly.

CANZ, on the other hand, is an association of composers, including students, amateurs, and professionals, as well as individuals and institutions supportive of New Zealand music. CANZ provides a network and infrastructure to help bring our country’s composers together, as well as providing funding and administrative support to nationwide projects such as the Nelson Composers Workshop and the (09)03 festival of contemporary music. We belong to international organisations such as the Asian Composers League, and the International Society for Contemporary Music, and through these affiliations we offer our members chances for international exposure.