ISCM Estonia – additional call for student works

Call for works for EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA

ISCM World Music Days, 2–10 May 2019 in Estonia, Tallinn

Additional Call for Works for composition students only!

EMTA UMA (New Music Ensemble of Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EAMT))
fl, cl, trp, vl, vc, pf, sx (alto or baritone)

All possible combination from 4 to 7 instruments are welcome. With or without conductor.
Up to 10 min. Deadline: 29 Feb 2019, 12 PM GMT.

UMA is New Music Ensemble of EAMT. UMA has been part of playing G. Grisey Les espaces acoustiques and have working together with K. Penderecki and L. Andriessen.

Supervisors are Taavi Kerikmäe (head of CoPeCo program in EAMT, member of ensemble U:) and Tarmo Johannes (Tarmo: member of ensemble U:).

For any additional information, please contact
Call for works for EAMT New Music Ensemble UMA Coordinator
Karl Tipp