Manila Composers' Lab 2011 – call for scores

The Manila Composers’ Lab is an organization whose purpose is the development of new compositional technique and paradigm, and its dissemination throughout South East Asia via exchange between individual composers throughout the region. Over the past two years, we have had the privilege of facilitating this exchange between composers from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

We are now accepting applicants for our fifth lab. The lab will be held from the 1st to the 8th of July 2011. Please send all inquiries to either of the following e-mail addresses:

The e-mail must contain the header:

Manila Composers’ Lab 2011

and have a score attached. The scores will be considered regardless of instrumentation, duration, and aesthetic predilection. These scores will only be used for screening purposes. It would be best to present two things in the selection of the score to send: (1) your present level of accomplishment with regards to composition, and (2) an indication of where you would like to proceed as a composer.

We can accommodate scores in the following formats:

Finale .MUS
Sibelius .SIB
Adobe .PDF
.JPEG/.JPG/.BMP/.TIFF scanned images Open format

All forms of notation, precise or otherwise, are very welcome.

Again, please note that the pieces sent in application will not be performed over the course of the lab. Rather, they will only be used for screening applications.

All applications must be in by April 8, 2011.

Philip Neill Memorial Prize in Music

The prize is awarded annually for excellence in Original Composition and in 2011 is valued at $1500. The competition is open to all past and present students of the universities of New Zealand.

Topic for 2011 is a work for violin, cello and piano (a piano trio).

Duration: 10-15 minutes.

Entries should include a score and a midi recording of the work.

Must be an original, unaided work; not submitted for the degree of Bachelor of Music. Compositions which have already been published in written or recorded form including public broadcast will not be accepted.

Deadline: 1 July, 2011

For a copy of the regulations or for further information; please contact

NZSO Todd Corporation Young Composers Award

The NZSO Todd Corporation Young Composers Award is an exciting opportunity for young New Zealand composers to have their work recorded by the NZSO over a three day residency.

Submitted works will be assessed by a panel of industry professionals, and those selected for the awards will receive one-on-one mentoring from New Zealand Composer Ross Harris and contemporary music specialist, conductor Hamish McKeich

The short-listed young composers will be flown to, and accommodated in, Wellington for the duration of the recordings and awards. The winning composer will receive the NZSO Todd Corporation Young Composer Award, they will receive a cash prize of $750 and will be commissioned to compose a work to be performed by a chamber group from the NZSO, in schools throughout New Zealand.

Key dates:

Deadline for scores: Friday 15 April
Deadline for parts: Friday 3 June
Recordings at the Michael Fowler Centre: 4-6 September

Qualifications for entry:

Entrants must be a New Zealand resident or citizen, Aged 25 years or younger on 4/09/11
One entry per person, maximum duration of 5 minutes. The entry may be a previously performed work. Work to be for full symphony orchestra without soloists.

Maximum instrumentation of:
3 3 3 3 – 4 3 3 1 – timpani + 3 percussion – harp – strings

Failure to adhere to the qualifications for entry will result in disqualification.

All decisions are final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Further information and entry form available from:

The Australasian Computer Music Conference (ACMC) 2011

For full details please contact John Coulter, Head of Sound programmes, University of Auckland

Time and place:
From 6-9 July 2011 The School of Music University of Auckland New Zealand will host a 4-day research symposium on the topic of Organic Sounds in Live Electroacoustic Music. The keynote presenter will be Simon Emmerson (DMU). Other featured composers and presenters include: John Cousins (NZ Composer), Gerardo Dirie (QCGU), John Elmsly (UA), Jason Phillips (Taonga Puoro Player), and Ian Whalley (UW).

As a special feature of the conference, a series of closed concerts will be presented through a 24-channel geodesic sound dome that will be installed in Studio One Kenneth Myers Centre for the duration of the 4-day event (small audiences only). A second multi-channel system designed to cope with larger public audiences will be installed in the Music Theatre, and made available to participating ACMC delegates. Practical workshops will also be offered on Taonga Puoro (traditional Maori Instrument) making and playing, and ambisonic recording and spatialisation techniques.

Call for Papers and Presentations of Research
Conference papers for peer review and publication in the conference proceedings are requested concerning all aspects relating to the theme of the conference. Papers and presentations concerning Organic Sounds in Acousmatic Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art are also welcome.

Submissions from wider fields are also welcome. Themes may include:

· Performance-Based Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art (with live electronics and/or acoustic instruments and/or dance)
· Acousmatic Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art
· Multi-channel Electroacoustic Music
· Electroacoustic Music with Moving Images,
· Interactive Installation / Sonic Sculpture,
· Electroacoustic Music with other disciplines,

Papers and presentations may be in one of the following categories:
+ Research Paper – Fully refereed (6-8 pages)
+ Paper – Abstract refereed (500 word abstract)
+ Poster – Abstract (500 word abstract)
+ Studio Report (100 word abstract)
+ Artist Talk (500 word abstract)

Each spoken presentation (excludes studio reports) will be 20-min in duration with 10-min reserved for questions. The inclusion of creative work is encouraged as a means of research reporting. Stereo playback, and data projection facilities will be made available to all presenters.

Guidelines for submission of papers
Papers and abstracts should be submitted ready for publication. For formatting details (examples) please see the ACMC10 proceedings available at
The deadline for receipt of proposals is Thursday 31 March 2011. Please visit the conference website for full details on submitting papers –

Call for Presentations of Creative Work:
Delegates are welcome to submit creative works for inclusion in the following concert series. Space in some events may be limited, as a number of high profile Australian and New Zealand Composers have already accepted invitations to present.

Lunchtime Concert Series
6 July, 1pm: Lunchtime Concert, Music Theatre
7 July, 1pm: Young Composers, Music Theatre
8 July, 1pm: Lunchtime Concert, Music Theatre

SONIC ART 2011 (Live Works)
Thursday 7 July, 7.00pm, Music Theatre

Guidelines for submission of creative work
The organisers welcome submissions of recorded, acoustic, and mixed works with any combination of electronic and acoustic elements. Playback formats available will include CD, DVD, and file-based playback for stereo or multichannel works (up to 16 channels). The submission of live electroacoustic works with multiple channels is also encouraged. All files should be submitted on optical media in either stereo or multiple-mono format. Works containing visual elements should also be submitted as DV PAL or HD files. The deadline for receipt of proposals (files and biographies of contributors) is Thursday 31 March 2011. Please visit the conference website for full details on submitting papers

Call for Workshop Proposals
Workshops are educational sessions run by a conference delegate or partner on a particular area of their expertise. There will be opportunities for delegates to host workshops on Saturday 9 July (the day after the conference). Proposals for workshops are welcome on any topic related to the theme of the conference.

Guidelines for submission of workshop proposals
Please submit a proposal (no more than 500 words) detailing the topic, scope
and likely resource requirements for the workshop. Please visit the conference website for full details on submitting workshop proposals –

Conference registration will be available soon. Please check the conference website for updates –

All ACMC11 concerts are free to the public, with the exception of the Sonic Art concert on 7 July, which is $15 (but free to ACMC delegates). Special concerts held in the ‘sound dome’ will be closed to the public (attended by ACMC delegates only)

The full conference programme will be available in early May 2011

Contact details
For further details please visit or contact the ACMC11 organisers directly

The organisers would like to thank the Composers Association of New Zealand (CANZ) for publicising the event.