Manila Composers' Lab 2011 – call for scores

The Manila Composers’ Lab is an organization whose purpose is the development of new compositional technique and paradigm, and its dissemination throughout South East Asia via exchange between individual composers throughout the region. Over the past two years, we have had the privilege of facilitating this exchange between composers from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

We are now accepting applicants for our fifth lab. The lab will be held from the 1st to the 8th of July 2011. Please send all inquiries to either of the following e-mail addresses:

The e-mail must contain the header:

Manila Composers’ Lab 2011

and have a score attached. The scores will be considered regardless of instrumentation, duration, and aesthetic predilection. These scores will only be used for screening purposes. It would be best to present two things in the selection of the score to send: (1) your present level of accomplishment with regards to composition, and (2) an indication of where you would like to proceed as a composer.

We can accommodate scores in the following formats:

Finale .MUS
Sibelius .SIB
Adobe .PDF
.JPEG/.JPG/.BMP/.TIFF scanned images Open format

All forms of notation, precise or otherwise, are very welcome.

Again, please note that the pieces sent in application will not be performed over the course of the lab. Rather, they will only be used for screening applications.

All applications must be in by April 8, 2011.