Call for Scores 5 (final) – ACL Special Event, October 2010

JFC has just announced the fifth call for scores (I believe it is the last call) for the Asian Music Festival 2010. The selected pieces will be featured in the concert called “Digital Music in Asia” to be held at 5:30 pm on 2nd October 2010 in the 6th Hall of the Tokyo University of the Arts:

Category A: Electroacoustic music of no longer than 15 minutes for no more than 8 channels with live performance of one instrumentalist. The festival will provide the instrumentalist. Pieces with a Japanese instrument are recommended (as it matches the theme of the festival).

Category B: Electroacoustic music of no longer than 15 minutes for no more than 8 channels.

Category C: Category A or B with visual.

The organizer will provide the following in the concert venue:
– 1 projector
– 1 large screen
– 2 microphones with stands (if contact microphone is needed, composer shall provide his own)
– ordinary audio systems with CD player, 8-channel mixer, 8 loud speakers (which can be used for 2-channel as well), Digidesign 192 I/O interface (in case the composer is bringing and using another type of interface, the composer must provide the adequate audio outputs)

The composer shall submit a score with CD or DVD, plus a guide on the system setup or instructions. In case of more than 2 audio channels, the composer shall submit the audio files of all channels (in AIFF or WAV file) on a CD or DVD. The composer must operate the system by her/himself during the performance in the case of a real-time interactive piece.

All pieces shall come with the same standard materials specified in the earlier call. And each composer shall not submit more than one piece for the whole festival.


The Sixteenth Edition of the “2 Agosto” International Composing Competition is announced.

The Competition will award three prizes:

First Prize: € 5.000,00
Second Prize: € 2.500,00
Third Prize: € 1.500,00

The Competition will also award the “Mozart” Special Prize of 1.500 Euros Offered by the Festival Internazionale Mozart of Rovereto, and a Scholarship of 500 Euros Offered by the “Alcide Cervi”Institute.

The Festival Internazionale Mozart of Rovereto will include among its program some winning scores from previous editions of the Competition and/or it will reserve to commission to previous or current winners a piece to be included in its future programs.

Visit for details.

Call for Scores 4 – ACL Special Event, October 2010

JFC has just announced the fourth call for scores for the Asian Music Festival 2010 (Special ACL2010):

1) Works of 3 to 8 minutes for female chorus, with or without piano accompaniment. The conductor will be Fujio Furuhashi. The concert will be held on 4th October 2010 at Hokutopia Sakura Hall.

2) Works of 3 to 8 minutes for a cappella mixed chorus (3S/3A/3T/3B) or a cappella vocal ensemble of minimum 3 singers. The conductor will be Ryuta Nishikawa. The concert will be held on 4th October 2010 at Hokutopia Sakura Hall.

Lyrics in Asian languages are welcome, but please add phonetic signs if they are not in Japanese or English. Composers shall also ensure permission of using copyright-protected text/lyrics has been gained.

All scores shall come with the same materials specified in previous calls for scores, with the same deadline and conditions.

Call for Scores 3 – ACL Special Event, October 2010

JFC has just announced the third call for scores for the ACL special festival 2010 (which is called Asian Music Festival 2010):

1) Chamber music for string quartet and Japanese instruments, with 8 maximum performers and 15 minutes of maximum duration. The concert will be held on 5th October at So-gaku-do Hall in Ueno, Tokyo.

2) Works for Japanese instrument(s) – from solo to big ensemble, with 15 minutes of maximum duration. Arrangement of pieces originally written for Chinese & other folk instruments are acceptable. The concert will be held on 6th October at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space.

All scores (including those for the earlier calls) shall come with the following materials:

[1] Title of the work in English, and if applicable, Japanese (if Chinese characters are used, one shall use those give more idea of the meaning of the word than of its sound)
[2] Year of Composition
[3] Duration
[4] Instrumentation
[5] Whether it is a world première or Japan première
[6] Composer’s name in English and Chinese characters (if applicable)
[7] Nationality
[8] Date of Birth
[9] Address
[10] Telephone Number
[11] Fax Number
[12] E-mail Address
[13] Biography (maximum 150 words)
[14] Programme Notes (maximum 150 words)
[15] CD or audio tape of the work, if available

All materials must reach the AMF 2010 Secretariat before 31st May 2010 through ACL national sections. The address is c/o The Japan Federation of Composers, #310 Sky Building, 3-3-8 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0051, Japan. Telephone: (81) 3-5474-1853. Fax: (81) 3-5474-1854. Email:

The applicants will be informed the results by 30th June 2010. The individual parts of the selected scores should be submitted at a later stage (to be announced). The performing royalties will be paid in accordance with the regulations of the Japanese Society for Rights of Authors, Composers & Publishers. However, the composers are asked to waive the right to possible broadcast of the selected work (in part or whole) in news and other programmes. Please consult the AMF 2010 Secretariat for more information.

Although the organizer will not have budget to provide airfare and accommodation for the selected composers, they will pay for them the festival registration fee.

Scores should be send (hard copy only) to: ACL Special Event, CANZ, PO Box 4065,Wellington 6140
Deadline: 30 April 2010 (postmarked)

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