Call for works: ISCM World Music Days 2010

Works in the categories below are invited from CANZ members for consideration for selection for New Zealand’s submission to the 2010 ISCM World Music Days to be held in Sydney, Australia. Works written for subsets of these categories are permitted. Composers whose pieces have been performed or programmed at either the 2008 or 2009 ISCM World Music Days, or whose work was included in New Zealand’s official selection for the 2009 ISCM World Music Days, are unfortunately unable to submit works. A duration up to a maximum of 15 minutes for any submitted work is recommended. It is required that the submitted works must be composed in or after 2004.
1.Large chamber ensemble: 2Perc Pno Hp, ww with standard doublings, saxophone available.
2.Ensemble Offspring lineup: flute, 2 clarinets (both dbl b. clar.), piano, 2 perc, 2 violins, cello, optional didjeridu
3. Solos, duos and trios from the Ensemble Offspring lineup listed above, with electronics
4.Young composer special entry section: Ensemble Offspring lineup (without didjeridu) – open to composers
aged 35 and under as of Thursday 6 May, 2010.
5.Topology lineup: soprano or alto sax, piano, vln, vla, db (all amplified, video playback available). Pieces with a
political agenda or intent are especially welcome in this category.
6.String octet (4.2.2)
7.Big band
8.Saxophones: solo and multiple saxophones (including saxophone orchestra)
9.Electric guitar, bass guitar (4 string fretless, 6 string or 8 string), drumkit (acoustic or v-drums, double-kick
10.MATCH Percussion with Michael Duke lineup: 2 percussion , one saxophone
11.Flute, bassoon, piano, harpsichord
12.Cello and piano
13.Solo piano or duo pianos (2 pianos or piano 4 hands)
14.Sydney Children’s Choir lineup: SA, SSA, SSAA (further divisions possible)
15.Sydney Chamber Choir lineup: a capella choral music on a sacred theme (SATB, max divisi SSAATTBB, solos
possible within the choir)
16.Sound sculptures and audio/video/installation art
17.Radiophonic works up to a duration of 30 minutes, for broadcast on ABC Classic FM.
A jury of three CANZ members will decide on the six selected composition by mid-July. Send entries to: ISCM WMD 2010 Entry, CANZ, PO Box 4065, Wellington.
Deadline: 30 June 2009

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