The New Zealand Electroacoustic Music Symposium (NZEMS)

From 2-4 September 2009 The School of Music University of Auckland will host a 3-day research symposium on the topic of Electroacoustic Music. Several of New Zealand?s most prominent Composer/Researchers will be in attendance including John Cousins, John Elmsly, Dugal McKinnon, and Ian Whalley. International guests include Professor Leigh Landy (DMU) and Gerardo Dirie (QCGU)

The special theme of NZEMS is Eight Channel Electoacoustic Music. In recent years a number of New Zealand?s main centres for the study of electroacoustic music have refitted (or are currently refitting) their electronic music studios, and are now boasting eight channel electroacoustic composition suits. The advent of new technologies as well as research from the international EA community (ambisonic recording/diffusion, vector base amplitude panning, wave field synthesis, multichannel spectral
diffusion etc.) has provided a range of powerful tools which in many ways presents the EA composer with new horizons. As a special feature of the symposium, and as part of ongoing research in ambisonics and multichannel spatialisation, a 24-channel discrete ‘acousmonium’ will be installed in
Studio One Kenneth Myers Centre 74 Shortland St. Protel New Zealand have kindly sponsored the installation.

Call for presentations of research
Presentation of research are called for concerning all aspects of eight channel electoacoustic composition. However, submissions are not limited to this field. Research presentations from the following domains are also welcome:

· Performance-Based Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art (with live electronics and/or acoustic instruments and/or dance)
· Acousmatic Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art
· Electroacoustic Music with Moving Images,
· Interactive Installation / Sonic Sculpture,
· Electroacoustic Music / Sonic Art with other disciplines.

Each spoken presentation will be 20-min in duration with 10-min reserved for questions. The inclusion of creative work as part of the presentation is encouraged. Stereo playback and data projection will be made available to all presenters. A basic eight-channel playback system will be made available
to presenters on request.

Associated events:
Seeing with Ears: Video Works by John Coulter 2 September
As part of the proceedings of the NZEMS, John Coulter will preset his most
recent works for electroacoustic music with moving images. The programme
will include Eyepiece (2009), Mouthpiece (2008), Abide with Me (2009), and
Shifting Ground (2005). Event Manager John Coulter contact

Sonic Art Concert 3 September
This special event will include works for electroacoustic music with live
instrumental performance, works for live electronics and dance, and
acousmatic works. Participants include: Leigh Landy (feature composer) John
Elmsly, Dugal McKinnon, Gerardo Dirie, Leah Barclay, Ian Whalley, Charlotte
Rose, Alex Bennett, James Bryant, and Jasmine Chen. Event Manager Jasmine
Chen contact

8-Channel Works by John Cousins 4 September
As part of the proceedings of the NZEMS, John Cousins will preset several of
his recent 8-channel acousmatic works using a custom-designed 24-channel
‘acousmonium’. These works are rarely presented outside of the composer’s
Christchurch-based studio. Event Manager David Rylands contact

Guidelines for submissions
The deadline for receipt of proposals (abstracts and biographies of contributors) is Friday 31 July, 2009. Submissions are to be made electronically to Send abstracts of 200-300 words plus a short biography. Please ensure that your name, institutional / organizational affiliation (if any), contact address, telephone, and preferred e-mail address are included on the abstract. Paper acceptance decisions will be emailed to applicants by Friday 7 August 2009

Contact details
For further details please contact the NZEMS event manager Jasmine Chen email:

The organisers would like to thank the Australasian Computer Music Association (ACMA) for publicising the event.