Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra – 15th International Composer’s Competition


Theme: A symphonic poem based on intonations and rhythms from Bulgarian folklore

Deadline for scores and sound recordings: August 15th 2015

Those willing to compete can find detailed information and the rules of the competition on the web site of the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra

First prize $ 5,000
Second prize $ 3,000
Third prize $ 1,000
Encouraging prize $ 500


1. Composers of any nationality without age limit have the right to participate in the competition. The competition is not anonymous.

2. The music pieces must be new and original and must not have been performed, even partially, prior to the competition.

3. There are no restrictions for composers nominated in previous competitions.

4. Each participant may submit only one piece with a total duration of not more than 15 minutes .

5. The works must have strong tonal and rhythmic techniques / syncopated rhythms / characteristic of the Bulgarian folklore.

6. If there is a solo instrument in the composition, the composer is expected to provide the soloist and to pay him/her.

7. Works must comply with a composition of the orchestra no greater than:

2*,2*,2*,2*,- 4,2,3,1-timp.+2, Harp, Pianoforte, Str.


1. Each participant can express his/her willingness to participate in the competition on the e-mail address:;, by sending a brief artistic biography, a photo for publication, an address and a telephone number.

2. The composers participating in the competition must send by August 15th 2015 5 copies of the score and sound recording/instrumental, synthesizer or keyboard/ of his/her work to the following address:

Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra
for the competition in 7/8
1 Benkovski st., 1000 Sofia

3. Musical scores of the nominated works /full set voices duplex printed and glued/ must be submitted to the same address within 20 days after the announcing of the results. The composers who have not submitted their music material in time are eliminated automatically from the final round.


1. Five-member professional jury will nominate the finalists.
The jury’s decision is final and not subject to appeal.
Jury members are not allowed to participate in the competition.

2. Up to four nominated works will be performed at an organized concert-competition of Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra.

3. The election of the winner and runners-up should be done by audience vote at the end of the concert with special bulletins attached to the purchased ticket or to a special invitation.

4. Composers must give the rights for the performance of their composition at this concert, as well as subsequent concert performances and issuing CDs to promote the competition free of charge.

5. Prizes will be awarded on the same evening as the concert.

The symbol * means that an orchestration is permited in which one of the instrumentalists in the group can play more than one instrument in a different order, such as flute – piccolo and /or/ alto flute, oboe – English horn, clarinet- bass clarinet and /or/Eb clarinet, Fagot-Contrafagot .

Note: percussion instruments and keyboards can not be more than two and the piece must be so composed that at any moment a percussionist is playing an instrument and enough time is provided for changing and preparing of the instruments.

In the event that the work can not be performed due to a breach of that condition, due to a written “not playable” elements thereof, or due to failure to comply with the specifics of each instrument, the nominated work is eliminated from the competition.