New Zealand music in Korea – ACL 2009

The following pieces have been announced by the ACL Korean section for performance at the Asian Composers League Festival in Tongyeong and Seoul, Korea (subject to change):

Anthony Richie (New Zealand), “Widow’s Songs” (Choir)
Bruce Crossman (New Zealand), “Double Resonances” (Piano + percussion)
Michael Norris (New Zealand), “Volti” (piano + orchestra)
Ross Harris (New Zealand), “Trombone Opera” (trombone + ensemble)
Dylan Lardelli (New Zealand), “Recite” (ensemble)
John Elmsly (New Zealand), “Lachrymar” (computer music)
Samuel Holloway (New Zealand), New work
Young Composer (tba)

(Apologies to John Elmsly who was left off the original list).