SOUNZ Online – Urgent Call for Scores

Dear CANZ members,

You will by now be aware of the Centre for New Zealand Music’s SOUNZ Online project, an important new initiative that will greatly improve the manner in which the Centre promotes the works of New Zealand composers, chiefly through the implementation of a new website.  As well as drawing together for the first time the roles of composers, performers, venues, music publishers and recording companies, the new website will feature dynamic content such as samples of scores in pdf format and mp3 audio samples,
photographs and video.  Such materials will far better describe to website visitors the nature of composers’ works and should lead to greater performance and commissioning opportunities.

As the Centre’s partner in the SOUNZ Online project, CANZ urges those of its members who are represented at SOUNZ and who haven’t yet done so to act now to provide the Centre with materials such as scores in pdf format, programme notes and signed permissions and licences.  The Centre has important targets to meet with its funders, most pressingly at the end of April. Your help at this time is of vital importance to the success of the project, so please urgently set aside some time to prepare and send your materials to Lachlan, at

Best wishes,

Glenda Keam,
President (CANZ)