The Lucerne Festival Academy, 2013

The LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY – Celebrating its first decade

17 August – 9 September 2013


Master Class in Conducting

Master Class for String Quartets

Composer Project / Roche Young Commissions

Pierre Boulez, David Robertson, Pablo Heras-Casado, Ensemble intercontemporain, Chaya Czernowin, Jack Quartet, Dieter Ammann, Carolin Widmann, and many more…

Through daily rehearsals and master classes, participants in the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY will work on contemporary orchestral, ensemble, and chamber music repertoire by an exciting range of composers, including Olivier Messiaen, Alban Berg, Anton Webern, Pierre Boulez, Claude Vivier, Steve Reich, Igor Stravinsky, Luciano Berio, Béla Bartók, and others. Each participant’s work will be supervised by internationally acclaimed conductors, composers, and musicians. Academy participants will perform the works which they have prepared in several concerts that are part of the programming for LUCERNE FESTIVAL in Summer, which attracts a remarkably diverse international audience. Along with its official concert programs, the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY offers participants several other platforms through which they can experiment with innovative concert formats and performance concepts.

There is no fee for active participation in the LUCERNE FESTVAL ACADEMY Orchestra. Travel, accommodation, and meals, as well as scores and instrumental parts, are provided by the LUCERNE FESTIVAL ACADEMY.

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