new orchestra practices: composing for the meta-mallette

ABOUT is a cross-cultural project between France and New Zealand focused on new
orchestra practices. A sound and visual orchestra using a pioneer interactive device, the
Meta-Mallette, is established in Auckland since May 2011. The Meta-Mallette enables to
approach music and visual creation through gestures rather than music theory or any other
codification. The orchestra is open to people from all backgrounds, no matter how old
or skilled they are. The aim is to have an ensemble that represents New Zealand’s cultural
KEY AND OBJECTIVES OF THIS CALL OUT project would like to support the develoment of new zealander creations for the NOP
orchestra. This orchestra rallies people from France and New Zealand. Repertoire has to be
also from these two cultures. Two creations could be support for 2011/2012. Each creation has
to reflect a part of the New Zelander culture. Each creation has to use sounds and images.
Collaboration between artists is desirable but not compulsory. This call out is an opportunity to
create a work able to be played everywhere in the world by other orchestra using the Meta-
? The successful applicants will have a Meta-Mallette training for one or two days
depends on their skills.
? The successful applicants will be informed of all the actual Meta-Malette repertoire
? The conductor, Nolwenn HUGAIN-LACIRE, will practice the new creation with
the Auckland NOP orchestra.
? The successful applicants and Nolwenn will work together to create adapted « scores »
and documentation
? The successful applicants have to work with his/her own computer.
? The successful applicants can borrow joysticks from the NOP orchestra
? The successful applicants will sign two contracts:
? one with NOP association for the artist agreement
? one with PUCE MUSE (the french company developing the software) for the Meta-
Mallette licence
Selection criteria include:
– the applicants experiences
– the quality of the proposed idea
– its feasibility
A selection panel will be comprised of Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire, Conductor and manager of
the project, Thierry Jamet, President of the NOP association, Etienne Taburet, curator
and member of the NOP association, Serge de Laubier, director of PUCE MUSE.
This call out is available for two creations

The first NZ creation has to be easy to play because time to create and to practice with the orchestra is short. Its first play in public will be in Auckland, the 24 September 2011, during the Rugby World Cup. Artists with computer skills will be favoured due to the short time. A link with this special event would
be appreciated.
27 Mai 2011: dead line for proposals
6 June 2011: result of the selected artist(s)
June 2011: Meta-Mallette training and creation
1 July 2011: first rehearsal with the orchestra
24 September 2011: first concert
Budget: 800 NZ$
Partners: NOP association, French Ministry of Young

This second creation has no restriction. It has to propose an original point of view on interaction between sound, images and players. It has to be a piece able to reflect a part of NZ culture or/and history. This creation will be possible if Creative NZ supports the project.

8 July 2011: dead line for proposals
22 July 2011: result of the selected artist(s)
12 August 2011: applies for creative NZ quick response grant
23 September 2011: quick respons grant result
Summer 2011: Meta-Mallette training and creation
February 2012: first rehearsal

4600 NZ$

Partners: NOP association, Creative NZ

Please submit the following in your application:
? a completed project submission form (find attached)
? Your summary resume (no more than one page) of you as an artist/creative
? a short artistic statement describing the concept for the creation. This should be 2-3
paragraphs and no more than one page. You have to explain what kind of sounds and
images you want to use, what part of NZ culture you want to show, how you want to
work with the orchestra (improvisation, score…)
? support material (no more than two of the following):
o Five images in digital format (jpg)
o Five A4 pages of text or other printed material
o Five minutes of video material (mov)
o Five minutes of audio material (aif, wavor mp 3)
Please ensure that:
– the application is emailed as a PDF document.
– your name appears on all pages of the application.
– all support material is clearly labelled
Please email your application and support material to:
For further information or to discuss your application, please contact:
Nolwenn Hugain-Lacire
conductor and manager of the project
+64 (0) 21 550 397