Expressions of interest for Resident Composer(s) at the Lilburn Residence

The former residence of Douglas Lilburn in Thorndon, Wellington has, for the last nine years, been managed as a residence for composers by the Lilburn Residence Trust. Priority has been given to making the house available to the Creative New Zealand/Jack C. Richards Composer-in-Residence at the New Zealand School of Music.

In 2014–15, however, this position is to be held by David Long, a Wellington-based composer who does not require use of the house. The Trustees have therefore decided to follow the same procedure as in 2007–8 when this situation last eventuated and invite proposals from another composer (or composers) for the purpose of pursuing projects that would benefit from being undertaken in this special environment and would contribute to the corpus of New Zealand music.

The Trust is not in a position to pay a stipend, but it provides the house free of rates, insurance and other maintenance items. The resident pays for the costs of normal utilities such as electricity, telephone and Internet services, plus a nominal rental of between $100– 150 per week (to be determined) to help the Trust meet maintenance and other expenses. On this occasion the house will be available from 15 September 2014 until at least early June 2015.

Applications are accordingly invited from New Zealand-born or resident composers who are professionally active and have an appropriate record of recent achievement. Applications for the whole or part of the available period will be considered. Examples of work are not required at this stage; they may however be requested by the expert panel assessing the applications. This panel will include a representative from CANZ and will make recommendations to the Board of the Trust.

The application document should contain the following:

  • a full CV, including full contact details
  • a cover letter outlining the period of residency you wish to apply for (you may specify a preferred duration only, if you are flexible as to your start and end dates), and the work that you expect to undertake during that period
  • confirmation that you are a New Zealand resident or hold a New Zealand passport

    NB: you do not need to provide examples of work at this stage

    Please post or email your proposal no later than FRIDAY 27 JUNE 2014 to:

    Lilburn Residence Trust
    PO Box 27347
    Marion Square
    Wellington 6141

    Ph: +64 4 463 7456 / +64 21 211 0138