Concert from 2008 Composers Conference to be broadcast

The concert of (mostly) NZ works at the 2008 CANZ Composers Conference will be broadcast on Tuesday 5 October on Radio New Zealand Concert, as part of Sound Lounge.

8:00 The Composers Association of NZ presents
Richard Haynes (cls), Arnold Marinissen (percussion), Johnny Chang (vln/vla), Donald Nicolson (keyboards)

BROWNLEE: Water sketch with tui; CROSSMAN: Double Resonances; HARRIS: Silence greets the dawn; HEXTALL: Marx vs Smith; McKINNON: Counterfeit Readymade No 2; RIHM: Stück for 3 percussionists; ANDRIESSEN: Workers Union for four loud instruments; ELMSLY: Refrains Below (recorded in the Hunter Council Chamber, Wellington by RNZ)