Composition Competition for Witold Lutos?awski's 100th Birthday

In order to celebrate and popularise the 100th birthday of Witold Lutos?awski, the Witold Lutos?awski Society and the Polish Composers’ Union announce a composition competition.
The competition is international in character and has no territorial restrictions or age limit for competitors. The task of the competition is the competition of a piece for a symphonic orchestra similar to those employed by Lutos?awski in his last symphonies.
The members of the jury are: Luca Francesconi, Kazimierz Kord, Magnus Lindberg, Steven Stucky, Pawe? Szyma?ski and Tadeusz Wielecki.
Deadline is 25 January 2013 (the 100th birthday of the competition’s patron of the competition)
First prize – 10 000 Euro
The winning composition will be performed during the International Festival of Contemporary Music, ‘Warsaw Autumn 2013’.
Further questions should be addressed to the Witold Lutos?awski Society’s office by telephone/fax (+48 22 826 90 25) or email (

On behalf of the Witold Lutos?awski Society I would be much obliged if you could publicize the rules competition at Composers Association of New Zealand and on your web site, and forward this information to the composers.