Call for Scores: 3 Shades of Black

Hello artistic creative genuises,

We are 3 Shades black (may I stress that we were named before the book 50 shades of grey) an ensemble of trained orchestral musicians from Melbourne and Auckland who love to play free improvisation and aleatoric music.

We want to make new art music enjoyable, fun and accessible to anyone.

Our next project is for the Auckland Fringe Festival Feb 22nd 2013 at Mt Eden Community Centre Hall. Wooot!

We are calling for moving scores to be submitted by artists and/or composers. Here are the details
We need short (eg. anything from 20sec -7 mins) lengths of film or other moving visual art to be interpreted.

They are to be read as if they were a graphic score – we would interpret it using part or all of our ensemble performance instructions (however specific) can be given if desired.

We will perform anything local that we are given, provided the content is not offensive to people of any age.

One artist is able to contribute more than one work.

Works should be purpose made for this project.

Any favourites may also be performed at the Adelaide fringe festival and subsequent fringe festival showings of this project.

We will publicize the event and the artists for the fringe festival and would like a 30 word bio included with the entry to help us do this.

We have quite a few films from when we performed this project in Melbourne but would really love more local content to represent NZ.

Instrumentation is expected to include subsets from:
Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Bassoon, Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, (Brass and Percussion tbc)

please email with your questions and interest

We’d love to have you on board,
Alisa Willis and Miranda Hill
3 Shades Black