MAZSALACA, 8th-16th OF AUGUST, 2010

The international meeting of young composers is a tradition which goes back to 2002 and was started by the composer Andris Dzen?tis and his companions. For the three first times the workshop took place in the Castle of Dundaga, which is connected to many legends, but now, for the second time already, it is being organized in Mazsalaca – a small town in the north of Latvia, next to the snaky river Salaca.

The workshop is deliberately not being organized in cities – this is a possibility for technologically oversaturated and instantaneous demand-oriented people to feel themselves and to reconsider their spiritual values by being in simple or one could even say primitive conditions, by experiencing a modest and slow way of living. At the same time this one week is being dedicated to intense discussions, training, composing, presentations, individual training with lecturers, making new acquaintances, and enjoying the serene life.

The first four international workshops have gained a certain reputation both regionally and internationally and have gathered more than 50 participants from different corners of the world, 13 lecturers – internationally known composers from 7 countries.


Chamber music nowadays. Classics, innovation, aesthetics, boundaries.

David Lang (USA)

Pär Lindgren (Sweden)

Richard Ayres (The Netherlands)

Ensemble Aleph (France)

String quartet ReDo (Latvia)


In order to participate in the workshop the candidates have to prepare mp3 audio recordings (advisable length – 5 to 10 minutes) of two or three previously composed chamber music pieces (for two or more instruments), which, together with scores in digital format (pdf), a detailed CV and a photo, must be sent by e-mail to the workshop organizers until the 15th of February, 2010.

E-mail: dundagaworkshop@gmail.com
The examining commission, which is composed of lecturers and participants of ensemble Aleph, will evaluate the submitted materials and will choose 10 active workshop participants. The results will be published by the 15th of May, 2010.

According to the commissions’ decision five of the chosen participants will be asked to compose for the ensemble Aleph, the other five for the string quartet ReDo. These pieces will be performed in the gala concert.
The chosen participants will have to conclude and send the compositions to Aleph and ReDo no later than the 5th of July, 2010.

The pieces must be conceptually finished by then. The workshop will be devoted to working together with lecturers and musicians in order to sharpen up the details and introduce realistic modifications.

The internationally determined age limit is 35 years. However, the organizers prefer not to object if this limit is exceeded.

There are also 10 places intended for observers. In this case there is no need to participate in the competition to be able to join the workshop. The service will be equal and it will be possible to attend the group work sessions, however the observer’s compositions will not be performed as well as the active participants will always be prior when it comes to individual training.