21st Century Japanese Music Project: New Music Composition Contest for the YIS Japanese Music Ensemble

The International Center for Japanese Culture (ICJC) is working to promote new compositions for traditional Japanese instruments in order to bring attention to their unique sounds and musical capabilities. In spite of increasing worldwide exposure and interest in the traditional music and instruments of Japan, new compositions which successfully combine both western and Japanese instruments are still unusual.

2015 is the inaugural year of the 21st Century Japanese Music Project, and the first initiative is the creation of a composition contest combining the Japanese koto with one western instrument (details below). The competition aims to promote a deeper understanding of traditional Japanese culture and international collaboration through new music written by composers worldwide.

Winning compositions will be awarded a cash prize of ¥500,000 for first place and ¥100,000 for second place. In addition, winning compositions will be performed both in Japan and the USA in 2015 by the award winning Yokohama International School High Japanese Music Ensemble as well as published through Mother Earth Publishing Company.

Submission Requirements

1) Instrumentation: The submitted works must be written for two to five performers including up to three 13-string kotos and one 17-string bass koto. One western instrument must be included in the composition (flute, clarinet, violin or cello).

2) Composition Length: 6 to 12 minutes.

3) Score: Western Score

4) Other stipulations: No age limit or nationality requirement.Composition should not be previously performed or recorded.

*For more information on composing for the Japanese koto, as well as video recordings of the YIS Japanese Music Ensembles, please see ICJC homepage at www.icjc.jp.

Submission Deadline

Sunday, May 31, 2015 (6:00pm local time)

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