XVIII Pasodoble Music Composition Contest


1. The Homemakers’ Association of San Fulgencio de Pozo Estrecho announces the XVII Pasodoble Music Composition Contest “Villa de Pozo Estrecho” with the following prizes:

1st prize: 3,000 EUROS and diploma.
2nd prize: 900 EUROS and diploma.
3rd prize: 300 EUROS and diploma.
4th prize: diploma.
5th prize: diploma.

2. The contest is open to anyone who wishes to participate.

3. The compositions must be original, unpublished “PASODOBLES” and as such they must be new creations and not copies, modifications or versions of previously existing Pasodobles, nor may they have been previously broadcast by any media or means of communication nor may they have been produced by any record label or publishing company, nor may any rights have been previously given to be played by any band or orchestra nor have been presented publicly in any way before the declaration or the premiere described in these official rules. If any of the prohibitionsherein described are revealed to have been violated this would constitute grounds for disqualification.

4. The way in which the PASODOBLE should be presented in any of its different formats and the band arrangement is described in detail in the following annex.

5. The sheet music must be sent in quadruplicate on size A-3,A4 (210 _ 297mm) paper and accompanied by the individual material (sheet music for each individual instrument). The name or pseudonym of the composer will not appear on any of the sheet music and it will be only necessary that a title freely chosen by the author appear on the sheets. This must all be presented in a sealed envelope with a note attached on the outside that gives the title of the work, the name, surname, full address, national ID card number or passport number and telephone number
of the participant. This must also be accompanied by a signed sworn statement that the work is original and unpublished.

6. The work must be presented clearly written in black in with nothing crossed out or changed. Sheet music printed out on a computer will also be accepted.

7. The deadline for turning in all compositions is 25 September 2009 at 21:00 (9:00 p.m.)

8. The compositions should be sent to the Asociación de Amas de Casa San Fulgencio de Pozo Estrecho (C/ Cormorán Nº2. CP- 30594. Pozo Estrecho. Cartagena. (Murcia-Spain). They must be received before the deadline mentioned above.

9. A board of judges made up of five members of recognized prestige in the music world and whose names will be made known at the appropriate time will choose the five works that they consider best and rank them as finalists. During the Patron Saint festivities of “San Fulgencio” the final phase will be carried out when the Banda Centenaria Sociedad Artístico Musical “Santa Cecilia” of Pozo Estrecho will perform the works of the five finalists and at which
time the judges will determine the prizes and award them.

10. The winning authors will maintain all copyrights that the Spanish Copyright Law (Ley de Propiedad Intelectual) gives them with respect to public reproductions, printed scores, recordings and any other rights recognized by the law.

11. Future programs of concerts where the awarded works are reproduced as well as printed versions, records, radio and / or television broadcasts will be obliged to include the following legend which will read (as corresponds to the award received): “FIRST PRIZE, SECOND PRIZE, THIRD PRIZE OR DIPLOMA AT THE XVIII PASODOBLE MUSIC COMPOSITION CONTEST”VILLA DE POZO ESTRECHO” CARTAGENA. 2010.

12. The sheet music of the works awarded prizes will become part of the S.A.M. archives of “Santa Cecilia” and the Town Hall of Cartagena and may be reproduced and recorded without permission of the author.

13. The works that are not awarded prizes will be kept at the Homemakers’ Association of San Fulgencio de Pozo Estrecho for a period of three months after the judges’ decision. During this time the works will be returned to their authors if a written request is received.

14. The Contest may be cancelled if the quality of the works received by the judges is not deemed sufficient.

15. All participants in this contest must accept the official rules here described as well as the final award decisions and no disputes will be accepted.


Flutes 1,2
Oboes 1, 2
Bassoons 1, 2
Clarinet E bemol
Clarinet B bemol Solo and 1º
Clarinet B bemol 2º and 3º
Bass Clarinet
Saxophone Soprano B bemol (Optional)
Saxophone Alto E bemol 1, 2
Saxophone Tenor B bemol 1, 2
Saxophone Baritone E bemol
Trumpets B bemol 1,2,3
Flugelhorns B bemol 1,2
French Horns F 1,2,3,4
Trombone C 1,2,3
Bass Trombone (Optional)
Euphoniums B bemol 1,2
Tubas C

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