The Commonwealth International Composition Award

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Around the world there are very few young people who are being taught how to write their own music as part of their education. However, New Zealand is one of the countries we believe may be leading the field in this respect.

Musical composition is as valuable a form of self-expression as drama, dance, visual art and creative writing, but surprisingly, is the one that is least frequently taught in schools.

The Commonwealth Resounds, The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the Purcell School for Young Musicians in the UK are all very keen to try and change this. It is why we have created this new training award.

We are looking for:

  1. High-flying schools and musical organisations in New Zealand who are already teaching musical composition to their pupils successfully, and who would be willing to be promoted as models of excellence on our international website and enter their promising young composers for this special International Award.
  2. Enterprising schools who would like to teach their pupils how to compose music but need some teacher and pupil support to get started.
  3. New Zealand Composers who would like to join our programme as mentors or tutors.
  4. Enterprising partners in New Zealand who would like to sponsor or support young composers in their country and help them to achieve a high international profile via this exciting new training award.

The Commonwealth International Composition Award

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