Percussion Workshop and NZSO Todd Corporation Young Composer Awards workshop

A special invitation to all composers for a percussion workshop with NZSO Principal Percussionist Lenny Sakofsky as part of the NZSO /Todd Corporation Young Composer Awards workshop.

Date: Monday 20th September
Time: 2:30pm – 3:30pm
Location: on stage of the Michael Fowler Centre
Free admission

***Please note: arrival to the hall must be prior to 2:30pm as no entry will be authorised after the commencement of the workshop.

Members may also attend the rest of the NZSO/Todd Corporation Young Composer Awards.

Monday 20th September

9:30-12:00 recording of works by Jonathan Mandeno, Matthew Childs, Robbie Ellis at Michael Fowler Centre.
12:00 panel discussion with Eve de Castro-Robinson (Composer Mentor) and Luke Dollman (Conductor) at Civic Centre Cafe and Bar
1:00-2:25 recording of works by Thomas Jenson and Arna Shaw
2:30-3:30 Percussion workshop (see above for details)

Tuesday 21th September

9:25-12:00 recording of works by Corwin Newall, Alex Taylor and Lizzie Dobson at Michael Fowler Centre
12:00 strings panel workshop with David Gilling (violin), Peter Barber (viola) and Victoria Jones (double bass) at Civic Centre Cafe and Bar.
1:00-2:30 recording of works by Umar Zakaria and Joanie Chung Yee Lee at Michael Fowler Centre
2:30-3:00 presentation by Julie Sperring (SOUNZ) and Carol Shortis (CANZ) at Michael Fowler Centre
3:00 presentation of the 2010 “Todd Award for Composition” at Civic Centre Cafe and Bar

Please ensure if you wish to attend that you arrive earlier than the commencement of each session.

This invitation has been extended by Pascale Parenteau, Education and Community Programme Coordinator of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra.