General Call for Scores: 32nd Asian Composers League Conference and Festival in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan, 2-7 November 2014

All members of the Composers Association of New Zealand are invited to submit ONE work for possible selection for the 2014 Festival. CANZ will forward all eligible works to Japan for consideration. Please note that preparation or playing inside pianos is not allowed in any category.

Submission Categories

a1) Orchestral works with traditional instrument or dance

With up to two additional performers on traditional instrument(s) or traditional dancer(s). 2-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Perc (3), Pf (celesta), Hp, Str; maximum 15 minutes. The organizer will cover accommodation fees for three days for traditional performer/dancers during their stay in Yokohama.

a2) Orchestral works: “Conductors are Composers”

2-2-2-2, 4-2-3-1, Perc (3), Pf (celesta), Hp, Str; maximum 15 minutes. Any composer whose piece is selected for this category must have some experience in conducting professional orchestras, because the composer will be asked to conduct his/her own piece in this concert.

b) Piano piece for children

(4 hands; 2–8 minutes). The piece must be easy enough for children aged between 8–15 to perform. Playing inside the piano is prohibited.

c) Chamber orchestra

Up to 16 performers from the following instruments: fl, ob, cl, bsn, 2 hrn, trp, trb, perc, pf, hp, 2 vn, vla, vc, cb; maximum 12 minutes.

d1) Chamber music with maximum of 6 performers including oboe and/or clarinet and/or bassoon

d2) Chamber music with maximum of 4 performers including one violin.

d3) Chamber music with maximum of 5 performers on Japanese traditional instruments (koto and/or shamisen and/or shakuhachi).

The maximum duration for all category (d) pieces is 12 minutes.

e) Piano solo, maximum duration of 12 minutes.

f1) Electroacoustic music

No more than 6 channel with/without one live performer. A woofer is included in the 6 channels. For works with a live performer, the applicant must arrange the performer and cover the expenses. Contact the Festival organiser for further information.

f2) Electroacoustic music collaboration

Live electronic work (no more than 6 channel) collaborating with Jazz musician MALTA (sax player). Contact the Festival organiser for further information.

The maximum duration for all category (f) pieces is 12 minutes.

Further instructions for electroacoustic submissions

The applicant must operate the computer for pieces involving live electronics. Stand microphones (max. 2) will be provided by the organizer. A contact microphone has to be provided by an applicant. Applicants must submit a score (or CD recordings), a guide with the system plan or any instructions. If available, an applicant should submit CD or DVD with a score. For works using more than two channels, submit the audio file as .aiff or .wav on the CD or DVD.

Contact the Festival organiser (the Japan Federation of Composers) at for further information on submissions for the electroacoustic categories.

How and what to submit

Submissions should be posted to the address given below. Please send the following materials:

  • A full score, with title of the work and the composer’s name on the cover
  • Sound recording of the work, if available
  • A photo of the composer and a scan of the composer’s passport information page
  • The following details listed on a single A4 page: Name; Nationality; Date of birth; Address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address; Title of the work; Year composed; Duration, instrumentation; Biography of composer (maximum 150 words); Programme notes (maximum 150 words); Has the work been performed? If yes, where?; Has the work been performed in Japan? If yes, when?; Details of sound recording of the work (if available)

Contact details

For further information, email the CANZ coordinator at The physical address for submissions is: CANZ, PO Box 4065, Wellington 6140


All material for categories a-e must be received by Friday 4 October 2013.

All material for category f (electroacoustic) must be received by Friday 22 November 2013.

If posting from outside of New Zealand, please allow sufficient time to ensure that your submission arrives by the due date.