Call for Scores: ISCM World Music Days 2012

The International Society of Contemporary Music World New Music Days 2012 will take place in six cities in Belgium between 25/10/12 and 4/11/12.

As a member of ISCM, CANZ will submit six works by six CANZ members for consideration for performance at the festival.

You may submit up to 2 works to CANZ for consideration.

You may also enter works as an individual directly to ISCM for consideration, however this incurs an entry fee of 50 Euro. Please see the ISCM website for details about making individual submissions:

Composers whose pieces were programmed for the 2011 ISCM World Music Days in Zagreb are not eligible to submit works as part of the official CANZ entries or as individuals.

However, please be aware that as the call for scores for the 2013 festival (to be held in Slovakia and Austria) is imminent, then the composer of any work selected by CANZ for the 2012 submission will not be eligible to submit to CANZ for consideration for the 2013 submission.

Works must be composed in, or after, 2006. Please note that the different categories carry their own duration limits (see ISCM website for details).

Only one work per composer can be submitted for a given ISCM-WMD Festival, whether through the official or individual submissions.

DEADLINE for submission to CANZ (at the address given below) for consideration: 1st July 2011 (postmarked)

Please send the following materials:

• Two copies of the score or two copies of the audio/video material of non-notated works
• A recording (audio or video) of the submitted work (if possible)
attn. Glenda Keam, ISCM Submission 2012, 3 Sylvan Valley Ave, Titirangi, Auckland 0604

* A PDF version of the score
In a single text file:
• Notification of the category
• Duration of the work
• Year of composition
• Programme notes of the submitted work in English (max.250 words)
• Biography of the composer in English (max. 250 words)
• Contact information of the composer and/or music publisher (address, email, telephone/mobile)
• Website of the composer and/or publisher if available
• A recent photo of the composer (jpeg)
• Copy of Photo ID/passport

Digital copies of all required documents are to be sent to:


Category 1: Piano solo
Category 2: Carillon
Category 3: Improviser
Category 4: Soloist & live-electronics
Category 5: Solo, duo & trio
Category 6: Quartet
Category 7: Mobile instrumental ensemble (4-8 musicians)
Category 8: Mobile instrumental ensemble (6-17 musicians)
Category 9: Wind dixtuor
Category 10: Sinfonietta
Category 11: For amateur musicians
Category 12: Mixed choir
Category 13: Symphonic Orchestra
Category 14: Logos Man&Machine Robot Orchestra
Category 15: Soundscapes & sound installations
Category 16: Electro acoustic, stereo or multi channel
Category 17: Unspecified instrumentation

Please refer to the ISCM website for detailed information about each category, and durations: