In order to encourage the creation of electro-acoustic music, Miso Music Portugal, the Portuguese section of the ISCM (International Society of Contemporary Music) and the Portuguese Federation of the CIME (Confedération Internationale de Musique Electroacoustique), is organising, as part of the International Festival of Electro-acoustic Music – MÚSICA VIVA, the 10th Música Viva Electro-acoustic Composition Competition 2009.


1 – The works submitted shall be recorded electro-acoustic pieces, composed in studio, projected by loudspeakers in concert with the intervention of no live sound sources. They may include a maximum of eight channels and should have a duration of between five and fifteen minutes. The competition is open to composers of any nationality, aged no more than 35 years on 31/12/2008, each of whom may submit only one work, which must not have been commercially published or awarded a prize in any national or international competition. Any prize winner composer will not be allowed to submit a work on the two years following the year of the prize award.

2 – The entries shall be sent in triplicate, in stereo version (on CD or DAT), as well as a copy of the original multichannel version in the case of works with more than two channels (in this case the works shall submitted in ADAT, or CD-R with the audio files corresponding to each of the channels in SDII, AIFF or WAV format).

3 – The works entered shall be identified only by their titles, on pain of disqualification, and shall be sent in triplicate by June 30th, 2009 (by registered mail, the date being determined by the post mark) to: Música Viva Electro-acoustic Composition Competition – Miso Music Portugal – Rua do Douro 92 Rebelva 2775-318 Parede Portugal.
Entrants shall attach to each copy of their composition a closed envelope, bearing only the title of the composition, and containing the details required to identify the composer with a proof of nationality and age, together with contact information. Please also send a short CV, a brief description of the work and photograph of the composer. The materials submitted as entries to the competition shall kept in the archives of Miso Music Portugal.

4 – Prizes: the judges may select up to 3 works which will be performed at Miso Music Portugal concert series or Festival with the Loudspeaker Orchestra, and which will then be released on CD by Miso Records, provided the composers of the works selected agree with the terms offered by the record company.

5 – The judges will announce its decision at the official opening of the Música Viva Festival 2009.

6 – The judges may decide that none of the works submitted merit selection. The judges’ decision shall be final.

7 – Submission of an entry to the competition implies acceptance of all the provisions of these regulations.

8 – Any questions which may arise as to the interpretation of these regulations shall be clarified by Miso Music Portugal.

Other information:
tel:+351.21.4575068 fax:+351.21.4587256