2011 APO Composer Mentor

A new position for 2011, in addition to their Composer-in-Residence position (John Psathas).

The Composer Mentor will take over all of the APO Education mentoring. This will include:
– mentoring participants of APO Connect and Compose events for 2011
– arranging music for the APO Education programme
– speaking for the APO on composition issues and contributing to the shape of the 2012 APO Compose programme
– liaising with CANZ as required
– answering questions from students about composition via email as required

Applicants should also:
– have experience as a composer, including thorough knowledge of composing for orchestral instruments
– awareness and experience of the NZ school environment and NZ composing community and context
– educational presentation and assessment ability in composition

$15K fee, to include travel and accommodation if required.

Applications should include a covering letter stating why you are applying for the position, a CV outlining your relevant skills and experience, a representative recordings of arrangements and original compositions for orchestral instruments, and should be sent to: APO Education, PO Box 56024, Dominion Road, Balmoral, Auckland 1446.

Closing date 31 October 2010. Further information is available from Lee Martelli, APO Education Manager at leem@apo.co.nz or www.apo.co.nz